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1936 guerra civil
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[last modified: 2009.12.08]


Magazine Alea includes in its #33 issue the Guernica expansion for 1936 guerra civil, consisting of

  • The objective of Guernica
  • Eight air armies
  • Rules for air armies and special rules

(release date: September 2009)

Print&Play expansions

To celebrate 1936 guerra civil has reached certain milestones, a series of free Print&Play expansions will be made available to players through this website.

Characteristics of the expansions:

  • PDF format
  • A minimum number of cards of 9.
  • Gaming text in English and Spanish (and perhaps French as well).
  • Normal version and eco version (without background, to print without so much ink).
  • Some cards will make use of concepts already in the published game, while others will introduce new concepts and rules.

If you own images from the Spanish Civil War and want them to be used in some expansion of the game, write to .

Code Milestone Achieved?
1936gc-F1 250 fans YES!!!
1936gc-F2 500 fans Not yet
1936gc-F3 750 fans Not yet
1936gc-F4 1000 fans Not yet
Code Milestone Achieved?
1936gc-D1 1136 games Not yet
1936gc-D2 1236 games Not yet
1936gc-D3 1336 games Not yet
1936gc-D4 1436 games Not yet
1936gc-D5 1536 games Not yet
1936gc-D6 1636 games Not yet
1936gc-D7 1736 games Not yet
1936gc-D8 1836 games Not yet
1936gc-D9 1936 games Not yet
Code Milestone Achieved?
1936gc-P1 5 points Not yet
1936gc-P2 10 points Not yet
1936gc-P3 20 points Not yet
1936gc-P4 30 points Not yet

(*) Facebook fans: see .

(**) Distributed games: see lower area in website index.

(***) Presence in events: These points are awarded by organizing demonstrations (1 point) or tournaments of the game (2 puntos) in events. Must be properly confirmed. Current points: 1.
1 Encuentros Lúdicos Universitarios - Málaga, October 2009

(2009.12.08) Backside of the cards Distribution 1x9
(2009.12.03) Appendix to the rules
(2009.12.03) Appendix to the rules

Expansion 1936gc-F1
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9 (eco)
(2009.12.03) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 9x1
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9 (eco)
(2009.12.03) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 9x1
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9
(2009.12.08) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 1x9 (eco)
(2009.12.03) (2.2 Mb) Distribution 9x1

The date indicates the last update

(*) Pre-release: During the first days after an expansion is released, errors might be detected (bugs, typos, design). If the expansion is marked as Pre-release, it could yet be modified in the following days after its initial release.

1936 guerra civil is a game published by Ediciones Rotura, P.O. Box 18236 Madrid 28080 Spain