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Frequently Asked Questions
[last modified: 2009.07.26]


  • I want to help promoting 1936 guerra civil, how can I do it...?
    ...voting in Boardgamegeek, making it scale through its ranks.
    ...discussing the game on Internet forums, whether gaming forums or History ones (in particular, those related to the Spanish Civil War).
    ...dedicating the game a Blog entry.
    ...talking about the game to friends, be them players, History lovers or both.
    ...talking about the game to associations, foundations or organizations related to the Spanish Civil War.
    ...playing the game in events and stores, giving it visibility.
    ...teaching other people how to play.
    ...being a fan of the game in .
    ...helping me getting more points of sale, specially if they give access to new markets.
    ...talking about the game to journalists (if you are acquainted to them), for possible articles or interviews (or even do articles yourself in those media websites that allow for users participation).


  • To whom is 1936 guerra civil targeted at? Because of its theme and the type of game it is, 1936 guerra civil can be appreciated by both History lovers and gamers alike.
  • How many copies of 1936 guerra civil were manufactured? 1936 numbered units to be sold. There are additional copies (unnumbered) to be given to archives, friends, promotion, etc.
  • Are games sold in a particular order? No, games are stored in boxes of six and they reach the stores closed, so they are not sold in any particular order.
  • Will there ever be an soft version of 1936 guerra civil? No plans as of today. The closest thing would be the modules for Vassal and Cyberboard.
  • Will there be an international edition of 1936 guerra civil? No plans as of today. English text for all texts is available in the Rulebook section.
  • Will there ever be a re-print of 1936 guerra civil once the limited edition is sold out? Definitely not!
  • Does Ediciones Rotura have the intention of publishing more games? No. It was created for the sole purpose of publishing 1936 guerra civil. Once the limited edition is sold out, it will be closed.

Theme and development

  • Why not all elements of the war are present in the game? Initial versions of the game had over 1000 cards, and included all aspects of the game. In order to publish it, it was necessary to reduce the number of cards to the final 252, leaving out some of the concepts. The images found in te different archives used also conditioned the inclusion of some elements, as images were not found for everything. However, the associated icons were left in the game to show tha it had been developed with them (and so as not to close the door to possible expansions).

You can find all types of questions regarding the rules of the game in the Forum.

1936 guerra civil is a game published by Ediciones Rotura, P.O. Box 18236 Madrid 28080 Spain